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Pre & Post-Divorce:

In unfortunate circumstances where divorce becomes a reality, it does not signify the end of a marriage but rather a period of emotional upheaval that, if managed effectively, can lead to a fresh start. Couples may opt for divorce when cohabitation becomes untenable. However, the process of divorce involves intricate legal proceedings, court cases, and other familial and societal matters.

Lynx Detective Agency in Bangalore assists in procuring and presenting documents and other evidentiary materials that hold weight in a court of law. Our post-divorce data collection service supports couples in addressing issues concerning children, alimony payments, property division, future plans, the actions of the ex-spouse, and overall well-being.

Marital Infidelity Investigations:

Marital infidelity often stems from dissatisfaction with moral or physical needs rather than a lack of trust. Such situations can introduce agony, betrayal, trauma, and even conflict into otherwise happy families.

Lynx Detective Agency in Bangalore offers personalized and strictly confidential marital infidelity investigations to dispel doubts and ensure the harmonious functioning of your family. Our operations are carried out by highly skilled associates, agents, and informants who maintain a strong network and coordination across the country.

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