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Pre Matrimonial Check in Bangalore

Matrimonial Investigation Service

While marriages are said to be made in heaven, the reality of married life unfolds on earth. Understanding your partner thoroughly before committing to marriage is crucial for nurturing a lifelong relationship. This process helps in comprehending the individual’s past, future behaviors, expectations, and overall nature.

At Lynx Detective Agency in Bangalore, we strive to transform marriages positively, fostering happiness and fulfillment throughout your lifetime. Our Matrimonial Investigation Services are diligent and thorough in uncovering facts prior to marriage. Our approach is both comprehensive and discreet in investigating the backgrounds of the prospective partners.

Our goal in providing Matrimonial Investigation Service is not merely commercial. We believe that a healthy society begins with healthy families, where both spouses contribute to a harmonious equilibrium. Therefore, this service is more of a social commitment than a purely business endeavor.

Our Matrimonial Investigation Assignments are cost-effective, confidential, and tailored to your specific needs.

Why Opt for Matrimonial Investigations?

Studies indicate that 50% of pre-marriage information provided is inaccurate. Imagine the repercussions of trusting false information before marriage, as it could lead to challenging situations post-marriage. Once you enter into marriage, you are bound to your spouse for life. Therefore, we recommend thorough personal Matrimonial Investigations to evaluate every aspect of your partner’s past, present, and future.

Areas Covered in Matrimonial Investigation Service:

  • Investigating the prospective bride/groom’s current and, where possible, past relationships.
  • Assessing individual and family legal issues and criminal backgrounds.
  • Verifying information such as education qualifications, employment history, financial status, family background, and social standing.
  • Examining habits like substance abuse, drinking, smoking, gambling, criminal history, flirtatious behavior, and sexual preferences.
  • Analyzing mental compatibility, temperamental attitudes, including anger management, violent tendencies, hobbies, religious beliefs, and extroverted/introverted tendencies.


Many cases involve individuals who engage in physical and emotional relationships before marriage, which may continue post-marriage and lead to turmoil. By detecting and addressing these issues early on, we aim to prevent future traumas through thorough investigations.

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