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Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore

We are the Best Detectives in Bangalore - A Registered Company under the Companies act 2013 & governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

At Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore, we take pride in being a legally registered company dedicated to Detective Services & Corporate Investigation. With a commitment to transparency, integrity, and excellence, we strive "To provide exceptional investigative services with integrity, professionalism, and discretion to deliver accurate and timely information that empowers our clients to make informed decisions with great transparency."

  • Personal Investigations
  • Pre-Matrimonial Checks
  • Post Matrimonial Checks
  • Missing Person Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Background Investigations
  • Missing Pets
  • Search for Biological Parents
Why Choose Us

Several Reasons why You Choose Us...

This mission statement encapsulates the key aspects of what a detective company aims to achieve, such as conducting thorough investigations, maintaining high ethical standards, ensuring client confidentiality, and assisting in legal processes.

As a registered company, we adhere to all regulatory requirements and industry standards, ensuring that our operations are conducted with the highest level of professionalism and ethics. Our registration status provides our customers and partners with confidence and trust in our services.

Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore is an organization incorporate under the ministry of corporate affairs and , we offer detective and investigation services. Based in Bangalore, India our services are spread across areas viz., personal, commercial, matrimonial, Missing Person & Corporate Investigation.

We are backed by a network of super specialist agents spread across the world.

Our Services

Private Investigation


Personal Investigation Services

Personal Investigation Service In order to foster trust in relationships, cultivate a…

corporate-investigation services in bangalore.

Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate Investigation Services Corporations play a pivotal role in advancing society by…

Pre Matrimonial Check in Bangalore

Matrimonial Investigation Services

Matrimonial Investigation Service While marriages are said to be made in heaven,…


Missing Persons Investigation Services

Missing Persons Investigation Service Lynx detective agency in Bangalore offers missing persons…

Legal Assistance in Bangalore

Legal Assistance Services

Legal Assistance Lynx detective agency in Bangalore collaborates with a team of…


Other Investigation Services

Pre & Post-Divorce: In unfortunate circumstances where divorce becomes a reality, it…


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10 Questions to Consider Asking Us

  • Why Opt for Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore?

    At Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore, we are far from being a transient operation in Bangalore. Situated at the city's core, we boast three decades of in-depth familiarity with Bangalore and its environs. Our agents are meticulously selected, resilient, well-trained, and astute.

  • What is the background and experience of Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore?

    With a business history spanning over 30 years, Lynx Detective Agency Bangalore has been shaped by our directors' expertise in operations, administration, quality service, and precise investigative skills.

  • What information is necessary to commence an investigation?

    The success of an investigation is directly linked to the level of detail provided. We require all relevant information, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Our comprehensive requirement analysis process collects information about both the client and the subject under investigation. This includes physical or other descriptions, photos or identities of the subject, residential or workplace addresses, vehicle details, time and place to commence the investigation, as well as the reason and objectives behind the investigation. Please note that we may also verify the client's details and the purpose behind engaging our services.

  • How will you resolve my case?

    Every case we handle is unique and presents varying challenges and milestones. Real-life investigations differ from depictions in Hollywood movies, requiring meticulous planning, precise execution, and dedicated efforts. The steps we take to understand and resolve cases are tailored to each specific situation, with details of our approach shared with the client before execution.

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